Waning Moon When the moon is at its fullest, the only thing left for it to do is shine its light and then release so that it may fill up once more with a beautiful new light and repeat...This little mouse carries a moon upon her pointed coppery hat, one which, with its shedding tears of moon-wax, drips down, down, down only to be caught within her little hands until many wax tears have gathered together to create a wax candleThe candle, when lit during the dark hours, creates a warm flame that can be felt through the heart, giving off a feeling of hopefulness and gratitude to all things that have been and to all those that are yet to come... This listing is for the waning moon mouse Please make note that the candle is decorative and cannot be lit as it is made of clay and paper wire Mouse measures just about three and a half inches in height and seven inches in length The mouse may need a prop or surface to lean on in order to sit sturdily and upright The needle-felted doll will be shipped carefully and thoughtfullyTake a peek at the policies for shipping details and other important informationThank you for looking!

The Waning Moon

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