Have you spotted an Amanita Mousecaria Moushroom while roaming through the woods?

It is not very likely that you have, but be sure that if you have ever stumbled upon a spotted toadstool growing on the forest ground and looked away for just a mere moment to return your gaze upon it moving or having gone missing, know that you just witnessed no ordinary mushroom disappearance. It was most likely a wild moushroom!

These little fungi like to keep a low profile and keep where the tree roots tangle and the ferns sway above so to blend in while foraging for their meals

The larger the hat and the puffier the gills the better


This listing is for the slightly larger-in-size mouse measuring nearly four and a half inches in height from feet to hat


The mouse may need a prop or surface to lean on in order to sit sturdily and upright


The needle-felted doll will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

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The Toadstool Moushroom

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