Have you been introduced yet to the Amanita Mousecaria moushrooms? If so then you will know just what kind of unusual critter communities lurk within the woods

Most moushrooms will have common toadstool hats sitting atop their heads made to make one believe they are in fact toadstools. However, there are few mice who have been given a special mission, those with agile movements and the greatest of foraging skills. These mice do not have common toadstool hats but wear pointed, gnome-like cones with an appearance similar to the common red toadstools you are likely familiar with

They are quick and must travel swiftly, therefore their hat must be light and easy to maneuver in. At night, they scurry out of their holes and follow only in the steps of the moonlight - a risky business

The owls and the mice have a hunt in common for they both are in search of fallen and scattered pieces of the moon still aglow


This listing is for the moon mouse measuring nearly seven inches in height from feet to hat


The mouse may need a prop or surface to lean on in order to sit sturdily and upright


The needle-felted doll will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully

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The Moon Thief

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