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Wolfsbane Foxglove Poppy Ivy Buttercup...


All wild growing flowers holding the ability to sicken with their poisonous roots and their intoxicating petals or leaves. They also have the gift of healing.

With the same part of the flowers that can bring one an illness or even death they provide strengthening healing properties to ailments


For this they are held closely as sacred flowers, and can be revered for their connection to the holy duet sung between life and death, growth and decay


Within  the ghostly-limbed silhouettes of the many flowers encircling the pale moon-like harvest pumpkin weaves through four wild creatures and beasties who come out during the darker half of a day. A bat at rest, a curious or perhaps hungry rabbit, a bat in flight, and a scurrying field mouse


Peering down into the belly of the pumpkin you will find within the sheltering womb-like center a space to store a special treasure or two. Or perhaps tiny flower seeds to plant in the late winter when you feel spring's returning presence. Little hope seeds, flowers-to-be


The pumpkin was crafted by hand from paper clay and measures to be around two and a half inches wide to two and a half inches tall


Will be shipped carefully and thoughtfully


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For Reece The Pumpkin Hallows